This launcher is deprecated in favor of Vollerei, only bug-fixes will be made.


A worthless CLI launcher for a certain game written in Python.


About this project

Since the official launcher has bugs with Wine and other alternative launchers don't satisfy my needs (no CLI interface, JavaScript, etc.), this launcher was made.

Source code: git.tretrauit.me or git.froggi.es


- Written in pure Python with partial asyncio support (except the patching feature calls external executables).
- CLI interface, saves you from unnecessary GUIs.
- Directly contact with game server.
- Install and upgrade game with extra packages with just one command (and one function in the API).
- Integrated game patcher for unsupported platform.
- Extensible API support through python module.
... and more


pip install -U git+https://git.tretrauit.me/tretrauit/worthless-launcher/ # or use Tkg mirror in case my git is down. # pip install -U git+https://git.froggi.es/tretrauit/worthless-launcher/


python -m worthless --help


The documentation is incomplete, but you can check out this example code:

import asyncio from worthless import Launcher, Installer async def main(): launcher = Launcher() launcher_info = await launcher.get_launcher_full_info() # launcher_info is a worthless.classes.launcher.Info class. installer = Installer() await installer.download_full_game() asyncio.run(main())


The project is licensed under the MIT license, while the website is CC0.


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